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Several Clouds

Cloud and DevOps professional services and staff augmentation

About Us

We are passionate about the public cloud as well as the DevOps culture and practices!

We believe that the cloud is the new normal and we assist businesses to adopt the public cloud and DevOps practices.

The benefits are the ability to deploy globally, increase speed and agility, unlock faster development and delivery, build secure and compliant environments, achieve higher uptime, and benefit from the massive economy of scale.

We assist in modernizing legacy systems and do cloud migrations to achieve more secure, adaptive, and cost-effective environments.

Our AWS and Microsoft certified architects all possess deep knowledge and extensive experience throughout the full cycle of building business cases, planning, architecting, implementation, and building playbooks and runbooks to help you with:

  • Cloud adoption and migrations

  • Cloud training and talent transformation

  • Build secure and compliant cloud environments

  • Implement the DevOps and DevSecOps practices to improve the overall Software Development and Operations

Whether you’re new to cloud computing or already benefiting from all that the cloud has to offer, we've got you covered.


Cloud & DevOps services

Take a data-driven approach to building a high-performance architecture.
Achieve operational excellence, high availability, and sustainability goals. Take a more secure, cost-effective approach to technology with the public cloud.

Cloud Adoption

We help you in every step of our cloud adoption journey.

We can help you follow the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), which leverages the public cloud experience and best practices to help you digitally transform and accelerate your business outcomes through innovative use of the public cloud.

Cloud adoption and migrating software and systems to the cloud drastically improves scalability, security, and savings.

Our cloud migration strategy experts carefully analyze your business case and existing architecture to plan out a cloud migration roadmap to ensure a smooth transition. Our team assists clients at a business level as well as technical — benefits realization, business risk management, personnel training, and building business cases.

Security and Compliance

We build infrastructure that meets standards and regulations like GDPR, SOC, ISO, NIST, PCI, HIPAA, HITRUST and FedRAMP. 

Our team is not only used to working and operating cloud environments in a highly regulated industry, but also building them.

We address the topics of:

Security governance

Security assurance

Identity and access management
Threat detection
Vulnerability management
Infrastructure protection
Data protection
Application security
Incident response

Platform Engineering,
DevOps and DevSecOps

Our Platform Engineering team builds the "Internal Developer Platform" covering the operational necessities of the entire lifecycle of your applications.

We automate software development and delivery processes to build, test, release, and operate workloads faster and more reliably.


We build full Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines to automate and streamline the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process.

We can help your organization become an Elite performant by implementing practices to improve the four key metrics:

Deployment Frequency

Lead Time for Changes

Change Failure Rate

Time to Restore Service

We have expertise across industry-leading Platform Engineering approaches and toolchains, and everything that we build is Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and pipelines as code.

Professional Services and Staff Augmentation

We help you build your global distributed offshore team.

Professional services are used to solve a specific business challenge. They can be especially helpful if your company does not yet have the skill set or infrastructure in-house.

The times you may prefer staff augmentation are when you have a special need for a new product or a business spike. The individuals you hire to augment your staff can jump in and get to work right away.

We address the talent shortage needs and we fill the void by hiring, training, and managing the top talent.

Cloud-Native Serverless Development

Build and run applications without thinking about servers

Serverless technologies feature automatic scaling, built-in high availability, and a pay-for-use billing model to increase agility and optimize costs. These technologies also eliminate infrastructure management tasks like capacity provisioning and patching, so you can focus on writing code that serves your customers. 

We deliver more value to the core of your business by minimizing the time and resources you spend on infrastructure-related requirements. Use fully managed, end-to-end serverless solutions to boost developer productivity, optimize resources, and accelerate the pace of innovation.

Big Data, Machine Learning & Analytics

We help businesses become more data-driven on their digital transformation journey.

​We design and create a data landscape tailor-made for your organization using various strategies and techniques.
We model and design data warehouses, lakes, and lakehouses to multiple business domains on AWS, Azure, GCP clouds, and on-premise infrastructure.

​Data Design & Architecture
Data Migration
MLOps services

Design the data pipelines and engineering infrastructure to support our clients’ enterprise machine learning systems at scale. Develop and deploy scalable tools and services for our clients to handle machine learning training and inference. Facilitate the development and deployment of proof-of-concept machine learning systems.


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Testimonials from our clients

"For more than 13 years, we have been training tomorrow's digital builders, empowering people and businesses through innovative hands-on trainings. Together with Several Clouds, we developed the most in-depth Upskill DevOps program in Bulgaria."

Alexandra Mechkova - CEO at Telerik Academy

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At Several Clouds we apply systems thinking.

W. Edwards Deming

"A Bad System Will Beat a Good Person Every Time"

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