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  • Ivaylo Bratoev

Case Study: Tarya Fintech Bulgaria - AWS Step Functions and Lambda performance tuning

Executive Summary

Several Clouds collaborated with Tarya Fintech, a leading global lending platform provider, to address and enhance the performance of their AWS Step Functions and AWS Lambda. Leveraging our expertise in AWS cloud services, we identified and implemented key performance optimizations, significantly improving the execution speed and efficiency of their cloud-based processes.

About the Customer

Tarya Fintech stands at the forefront of financial technology services, offering innovative lending solutions and expertise that enable businesses worldwide to maximize their financial capabilities. With a foundation built by experts in technology and finance, Tarya Fintech has grown to become a premier alternative lending platform with a global presence, including operations in Israel, Europe, UAE, India, and Western Africa.

Customer Challenge

As a successful user of AWS cloud services, Tarya Fintech embarked on integrating AWS Step Functions to orchestrate their event-driven architecture, enhancing their operational workflows. However, they encountered significant performance issues, particularly with the cold start times of AWS Step Functions and the associated AWS Lambda functions. Faced with pressing release deadlines, Tarya Fintech sought a skilled partner to refine their infrastructure for optimal performance.

Our Solution

Our approach began with a comprehensive analysis of Tarya Fintech's existing infrastructure to identify performance bottlenecks. We measured the execution speeds of both Step Functions and Lambda functions, enabling us to pinpoint areas for improvement. Armed with this data, we devised a strategic optimization plan tailored to their specific needs.

Transitioning to the implementation phase, we established a test environment to assess and refine our proposed enhancements. We presented our findings and implemented them together with the Tarya team inside their secure environment.

Results and Benefits

Our targeted optimizations yielded remarkable results, the speed of Step Functions execution was improved 2 times and Lambda cold start was improved 5 times. This significant performance uplift enabled Tarya Fintech to meet their critical release schedules, ensuring a seamless and enhanced experience for their customers. Through this partnership, Tarya Fintech not only achieved their immediate goals but also strengthened their infrastructure's scalability and reliability for future growth.

About Several Clouds

At Several Clouds, we are passionate about the public cloud as well as the DevOps culture and practices. We assist in modernizing legacy systems and do cloud migrations to achieve more secure, adaptive, and cost-effective environments.

Our AWS architects all possess deep knowledge and extensive experience throughout the full cycle of building business cases, planning, architecting, implementation, and building playbooks and runbooks to help you with:

●      Cloud adoption and migrations

●      Cloud training and talent transformation

●      Build secure and compliant cloud environments

●      Implement the DevOps and DevSecOps practices

●      Big Data and Machine Learning

●      Serverless and Cloud-Native Development

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