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  • Yoanna Krasteva

Case study: Journey to Efficiency - Ufleet's Cloud Optimization

Executive Summary

Ufleet is a leading enterprise-grade delivery route planning software company seeking our assistance to enhance and optimize their cloud infrastructure.

Several Clouds collaborate with Ufleet to upgrade and streamline their environment with the purpose of delivering well-architected solutions. We employ our expertise in cloud services to identify and implement key performance optimizations, elevating the security and efficiency of their cloud-based processes.

About the Customer

Ufleet, our customer's product, stands out as an advanced AI software platform specifically designed for retailers aiming to revolutionize their delivery operations. The platform excels in optimizing delivery routes, minimizing CO2 emissions, and ensuring an outstanding delivery experience that leaves customers satisfied. Ufleet operates as a distributed team of experts in retail, logistics, and technology. Their mission involves deploying the Ufleet CX management platform, effectively transforming any delivery operation from a cost center into a growth engine.

Customer Challenge

Our customer faces challenges related to operational efficiency and requires guidance during migration processes. They also search for cost optimization and ongoing infrastructure maintenance. In the pursuit of effective solutions, they have turned to the expertise of our team at Several Clouds.


Our approach specializes in analyzing and improving various facets of our customer's operational framework. Several Cloud’s team took an immutable infrastructure approach - implemented a secure and streamlined process for updating and patching underlying systems, along with fully automating the building of AMIs, ensuring the reliability and safety of our client's operational environment.

To address the challenge of centralized log aggregation, we delivered a comprehensive solution utilizing Amazon CloudWatch, enhancing troubleshooting capabilities and enabling swift remediation.

Our scope also includes optimizing costs by identifying and rectifying areas of unnecessary expenditure. Through the implementation of tailored retention policies and decommissioning unused infrastructure, we have significantly contributed to cost savings.

Furthermore, we play a pivotal role in the successful migration of our customer's website to the cloud. This involves alleviating operational burdens through the introduction of AWS CodePipeline for automated releases.

Results and Benefits

As a result, our efforts have elevated Ufleet's operational efficiency, introducing robust security measures through a secure update process and automation. Aligned with the customer's initial requirements, our work results in significant infrastructure cost optimizations. The smooth migration of their website represents a successful collaboration in line with Ufleet's operational objectives.

About the Partner

At Several Clouds, we are passionate about the public cloud as well as the DevOps culture and practices. We assist in modernizing legacy systems and do cloud migrations to achieve more secure, adaptive, and cost-effective environments.

Our AWS architects all possess deep knowledge and extensive experience throughout the full cycle of building business cases, planning, architecting, implementation, and building playbooks and runbooks to help you with:

  • Cloud adoption and migrations

  • Cloud training and talent transformation

  • Build secure and compliant cloud environments

  • Implement the DevOps and DevSecOps practices

  • Big Data and Machine Learning

  • Serverless and Cloud-Native Development



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