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Case Study: AQXT Backup and Disaster Recovery Journey

“An overall very high-quality feeling of a consultancy service. We enjoy working with Several Clouds. A perfect fit for our company and services.” Hristo Dinchev, Co-founder & CEO at AQXT

Executive Summary

Several Clouds guides AQX Technologies, a trade management solutions provider, in their backup and disaster recovery journey. As a trusted partner, Several Clouds commits to implementing Well-Architected solutions aligned with the AWS framework. Leveraging the capabilities of AWS Backup, Several Clouds aims to secure AQX Technologies' critical data, ensuring data resilience and business continuity.

About the Customer

AQX Technologies specializes in trade management solutions, serving a diverse user base throughout Europe, including broker-dealers, hedge funds, fund managers, and proprietary trading firms.

With over a decade of hands-on experience developing comprehensive technology solutions, AQX Technologies has perfected its Post-Trade Management Solution to cater to the needs of Europe's buy- and sell-side firms.

By providing a single platform solution, AQXT empowers clients with control over all transactions, instant alerts, enhanced operational efficiency, reduced settlement risks, improved transparency, and increased client satisfaction.

Customer Challenge

As a multi-tenant service provider, AQXT needs a robust backup and disaster recovery strategy to protect critical components.

Several Clouds develop a comprehensive solution using AWS Backup, following the AWS Well-Architected Framework principles and architectural best practices for designing and operating reliable, secure, efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable systems in the cloud. This approach guarantees excellent data security and compliance with industry standards.

Why AWS?

The client is already utilizing AWS due to its unparalleled scalability and reliability. AWS stands out as the premier cloud option thanks to its extensive global infrastructure and a wide range of services, offering resiliency and flexibility for businesses.

When it comes to managing backups in multiple environments, AWS Backup is an ideal choice for several reasons.

  • It seamlessly integrates with various AWS services, simplifying the backup process across diverse workloads.

  • Its centralized management and automation capabilities ensure efficient backup or data protection across different environments, reducing operational complexity.

  • Ensures data protection compliance and governance.

  • Scales as the needs grow.

  • Provides backup immutability.

Partner Solution

The solution consists of specific backup and disaster recovery strategies, all built on the capabilities of AWS Backup:

  • Backup and Restore of EC2 instances

  • Backup and Restore of persistent data layer

  • Backup and Restore of application-specific data

We fulfil the client’s requirements for Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO). AWS Backup for EC2 offers cross-region and cross-account replication, manages backup lifecycles, and delivers rapid data restoration, providing an efficient data protection solution. The independent AWS Backup’s encryption means encryption is handled by the AWS Backup vault. All of these factors affirm that AWS Backup stands as the optimal solution for our customer's specific scenario.

As AQXT is a multi-tenant provider, we recommend not only isolating tenants but also creating distinct vaults for different environments, such as production and staging.

Results and Benefits

The implementation meets the customer’s requirement for a centralized backup and disaster recovery solution across multiple AWS resources.

The AWS Backup's distinctive advantage lies in its ability to protect backups with high data durability and scale as requirements change. With AWS Backup, customers pay only for the backup storage used, backup data transferred between AWS Regions, backup data customer restores, and backup evaluations. There is no minimum fee, and there are no setup charges.

About the Partner

At Several Clouds, we are passionate about the public cloud as well as the DevOps culture and practices. We assist in modernizing legacy systems and do cloud migrations to achieve more secure, adaptive, and cost-effective environments.

Several Clouds’ AWS architects all possess deep knowledge and extensive experience throughout the entire cycle of building business cases, planning, architecting, implementation, and creating playbooks and runbooks to help you with:

  • Cloud adoption and migrations

  • Cloud training and talent transformation

  • Build secure and compliant cloud environments

  • Implement the DevOps and DevSecOps practices

  • Big Data and Machine Learning

  • Serverless and Cloud-Native Development

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